Monday, February 2, 2009

A Day in the Stomach of an Impregnated Vegan...

I'm sure there's probably one or two people who are curious as to what I actually eat each day, and how I possibly stay healthy - and especially through a pregnancy.

Well, if you do a bit of reading and research, you'll quickly find that it's relatively easy to get all your nutrients without eating animal flesh or byproducts.

But for those who are wondering what I do eat, here's an average menu:

Breakfast: Muesli with soy milk and a banana, glass of juice or cup of naturally decaffeinated tea. If I'm feeling extra hungry, a slice of wholegrain toast with peanut butter as well.

Lunch: This can be anything from bean nachos with corn chips and a tall glass of soy milk, to a huge salad with nuts and seeds and toasted lebanese bread with hommus for dipping.

Snacks: I snack on fruit, chopped up vegetables like carrots, slices of bread and peanut butter, hommus and toasted flatbread, nuts and fruit smoothies.

Dinner: I am a huge fan of stirfries at the moment. So, well marinated and fried tofu with heapings of fresh vegetables served over brown rice if I'm good, basmati if I'm not. Also, I love spaghetti bolognaise made on nutmeat on wholemeal pasta.

Sweets: Soy icecream is nice for a treat, as are oreos, skittles, fruit smoothies (a healthier option), dates, dried apricots and other dried fruit.

So that's pretty much a day's food! I also take a prenatal vitamin and vegi-caps of omega supplements, just to be on the safeside.

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  1. It’s strange but I love brown rice and treat as though it’s as treat!

    I remember that Sheppard’s pie you made with nutmeat, it was my try at nutmeat and it was awesome! Mmmmmm Sheppard’s pie *Drool*