Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, You've Got a Foetus in You

Hello, hello. Isn't it cool how women have factories for making replicas of themselves?

My name's Sarah and I am full of potential baby. I say potential, because according to science the little blobkin inside of me is just a foetus for now - a funny shaped little cluster of cells and rapidly developing organs that are not really baby-like at all yet. But it has a beating heart (just) and a tiny little bit of spine action.

My husband and I must be pretty hot stuff, because we managed to get up the duff on our first try. Well, not quite our first try - there were two in the space of four hours and I'm not sure which one was the winner. But you get the idea.

We're pretty much like any other sacks of skin walking around and replicating, except that we're cheerfully vegan and ethical as whoa (or at least, we like to think so). And even though 99% of people have been hellishly supportive, you can come across a bit of tongue clicking for choosing to be vegan while preggers.

So, this wee bloggie is to document my progress as an impregnated vegan and to chart the growth of my revolutionary foetus. I hope they change the world, or at least live in it nicely. This blog may or may not become about other things too - how to be ethical and do family shit without 'norming', how to raise kids and help them understand how to be in a world that wants to make them into cookie cutter noms. Obviously I'll just get through the first trimester first, and worry about all that other stuff a little later.

So, for now, I leave you - seven weeks and two days impregnated. Let's hope this blobkin lives long and prospers in my plant-based womb.

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